Golkonda Alive
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The dramatized dancing representation of combination with the added virtual reality in the territory of a historical fort of GOLKONDA Hyderabad.
To Plan the organizers to create a new cultural phenomenon, the bridge uniting a cultural heritage of the past and technological capabilities of the future. The project hopes to advance usage of opportunities of the AR/VR technology for development and preserving historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of India. According to a director's plan, the presentation will be combine the virtual space of a planet of SPHEROID of scenes and historical characters will smultaneously will work with dancing collective and projections added with virtual reality.
Organizing committee
Amarendra Khatua IFS
Director General (ICCR) and Secretary (Special Assignment)

Padma Ragini
Director of the Department of Culture of the VIA
Alexey Fedorov
Director of Strategic Development AVI
Virtual India Association VIA
Evgeny Zyablov
Economist, strategist, developer of cultural infrastructure, blockchain enthusiast, tech diver.
Russia / Italy
Dr.Kishore Repaswal
M.D.Ph.D.Neurology, diplomatic Doctor.

Objects of augmented reality are loaded in the places of a fort chosen on the scenario. The map index, appendices on the smartphone, informs the visitor on places of viewing of a content. supposed to perform loadings of three types: interiors and historical characters will support the dancing show, dynamic game characters in the scenario "hunting for a tiger" in fort ruins
AR/VR + reality show
System of images and dynamic pictures creating scenery of dancing performance and effect of presence of historic figures
AR/VR game platform
The scenario "hunting of a tiger" - to catch a tiger in a smartphone windowwith in the Fort dynamic motion picture
AR / VR applications from the VIRTUAL CASINO group
Virtual lottery, auction of large diamonds etc.
Implementation stages
Preparation of the scenario and SHOW program coordinating
Preparation of the scenario and SHOW program coordinating
The scenario according to technical capabilities, administrative requirements, historic facts and time of carrying out the program preparations
Forming of working groups of disigners for project implementation and dancing collectives.
Forming of working groups of disigners for project implementation and dancing collectives.
Various groups of designers will determine the stages of work, nature of work and algorithms and interaction with the groups.To prepare particular loading content consisting of models of scenes, avatars of historical characters, avatars of dancers and supporting scenes. General installation of a scenes according to the Fort territory has been created.
To create the 3D libraries of a content The Back drops scenes and synchronization with the dancing program.
To create the 3D libraries of a content The Back drops scenes and synchronization with the dancing program.
3D libraries are been created, and scenes are mounted. Synchronizing the loadings of content and the scenario of dancers. The loading content consisting the models of scenes, avatars of historical characters, avatars of dancers and stage.
supportive stage scenes prepares. General installation of a scene according to the Fort territory has been created.
Installation of scenes and synchronization of the scenarios AR and reality show of programs.
General assembling of project, synchronization of loadings, music, dancing program.
Rehearsal and preparation of the scenario of presentation of the Indian project
Rehearsal on the SHOW venue.
And to form a promotional company.
Holding a SHOW
Grand opening .
Holding a SHOW.
Cocktail Reception
About Our Project
The special feature of the project will be the additional adding to the traditional concert program with the new opportunities of the virtual reality implemented in the new communicating space SPHEROID UNIVERSE platform are used.

The task of organizers to show that the new era has got the new development systems of the communications, allowing to involve the creative opportunities of each person and to create the bridge between the idea of the director - creative group of contractors - and the audience.
The project is implemented on the SPHEROID UNIVERSE platform. The plan of organizers consists the demonstrating the opportunities of new technologies not only in carrying out SHOW but also in the organization skills its creation. We would like to invite to take part to create such a platform,for those who interested in culture and art forms of India, and those who interested in research and implementation of new technologies on the basis of virtual VR and added AR of reality.
Golkonda Alive-Concept

Concepts of the theatrical and dance compositions illustrating the effects of AR on the stage.

This is the sample of the performance by the group of "TAPASYA" the dance "SHIVA SHABDAM" it has been shown how the elements of augmented reality can be appear which are integrated with the dance performance.
Examples of using augmented reality in a theatrical performance.
Examples of using the augmented reality in organizing large international projects.
Golkonda Alive
How is the program organized?
Given the possible scale of the dance program, the Organizing Committee invites everyone to participate in the creation and implementation of the project. The SPHEROID platform interface provides all participants with the necessary support and AR / VR content. According to the plan, the program consists of two interrelated groups:
The first group is the core of the project, which provides a minimal presentation program.

The second group is the additions to the main core of the composition of independent projects that can be implemented by interested participants and partners. According to the idea of the organizers of the program will include several parts:
A. Theater-dance performance.

B. Separate demonstration sites of combined reality.
for example, the scenes of interiors of theRoyal living quarters of the palace, with live and virtual actors, the jewellery stalls with old-style jewelry, with elements of augmented reality, live musicians of traditional music with AR elements, and staged with warfare supplemented AR space.
Also national cuisine according to ancient recipes.
S. Photo pavilions - staged platforms supplemented by AR reality of the ancient era for holding mass photo sessions.
D. Game routes - scenarios of which are deployed on the territory of Fort.
- scenario: search and photo of exotic animals,
- scenario: hunting for a tiger
- Scenario: search for "treasure", etc.

On the mock-up of the main dance floor of the fort, the main Dance-theater will have the performance along with the AR / VR effects also will be there. The action scenerio unfolds in the center of the site, that allows viewers to move around the center and enjoy the pictures of the augmented reality in different angles. For example, from one foreshortening you can make photos of dancers on the background of the royal family of the dynasty Golconda . From another side there is another scenerio of participation in the joint dance of the legendary dancers and contemporary living legends

The sketch below shows the location of sites, that can be used for additional local Shows, and choreographic theatrical installations.

The route map loaded on the smartphone of the viewer will allow to specify the place, the plot and the time of the installation. Special places are reserved for demonstration of sponsors of the project.
Applications for participation
The person who would like to participate in this particular project must be indicate his intention, and submit the brief summary, specifying from which of the groups A-D, he would like to participate.
Describe the form of possibility to participate and its scenario. Describe the necessary requisites and the kind of augmented reality that he would like to see in the scenario of his participation.
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All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.
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